USC Gymnastics, Mikayla Kotlensky Uneven Bars University of Southern California 2022 NAIGC February Competition

Competition Level: WAG NAIGC Level 6
Start Value: 8.1
Total Score: 5.8
Judge Comment: You are missing the cast above horizontal, 3/6/7 (clear hip), and an A salto dismount. Each is .5. The cast backhip cannot be done twice because it is the same combo. Remove 1 because it was no credit and only deductions. Tap swings at level 6 are also a .3 deduction for extra swings. Keep practicing towards a clear hip and kips or long hang pullover to get to front support on high bar. You are missing 1 A and 1 B in the routine as well for a total of .4 in start value. Keep working on bars, it is a difficult event :)