Virtual Gymnastics Scoring and Competition

Compete with others in time based competitions judged by Certified Gymnastics Judges


In addition to helping you sanction your virtual competition, we help you promote it along the way.


We help you secure qualified judges so you can focus on gymnastics.


We can help with dispursement of funds to charitable causes of your choice.

How Virtual Stars Competition Works

The Virtual Stars Competition: 

Virtual Stars allows athletes from any sport and any location to compete against other athletes nationally using qualified judges that can rank their athletic performances. We work with coaches, clubs, organizations and judges in order to provide you with a virtual athletic competition. We offer a variety of service levels from complete end to end management of your event to even renting or co-branding of our website.


Latest Entries

Check out the latest routines that have been judged in our current competition below

Sarah Buchanan Beam Texas A&M 2024 NAIGC February Competition

Competition Level: WAG NAIGC Level 9 Start Value: 10.1 Total Score: 9.7 Judge Comment: Beautiful routine, slight deduction for deep squat on front tuck, knees on handspring and shape on[…]

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Ino Chang Still Rings University of Southern California 2024 NAIGC February Competition

Competition Level: MAG NAIGC Level 7 Difficulty Score: 1.6 Execution Score: 8 Total Score: 9.6 Judge Comment: Not bad but no credit for the back lever, plus as long as[…]

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Matt Summitt Horizontal Bar 2024 NAIGC February Competition

Competition Level: MAG NAIGC Level 9 Difficulty Score: 1.2 Execution Score: 8.3 Total Score: 9.5 Judge Comment: Not bad just clean it up and if you can get a layout[…]

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Benefits of online competition

Performances will be judged and ranked in order by a video performance. There are several benefits to online athletic competition and online ranking including:Performances will be judged and ranked in order by a video performance. There are several benefits to online athletic competition and online ranking including:


A coach can submit an athlete’s best performance video after many trials and errors.


Getting a qualified judge to your competition can be a hard task. It may require that you must buy a plane ticket for your judge. Not anymore, a judge can judge any performance from any location through Virtual Stars.


Most injuries in athletics happen when athletes perform on equipment that they are not used to training on. Online competition eliminates this risk.


Duel competitions between two teams can be very expensive to set up if you are an athletic gym owner. You may have to purchase large equipment and require a large invite with a lot of teams to pay for the space you rent and the equipment you rent. Not anymore…. Duel competitions between only two teams now become affordable.


Get to know your judging team:

• Competed gymnastics for University of Illinois Chicago
• Judging since 1979
• USAG and FIG certified judge.

Rich Cromwell

• Competed in USAG from age 5-18
• Advisor with NAIGC- WAG Rules Spokesperson 
• Level 10 rated USAG/AAU women’s judge (Georgia NAWGJ)
• National rated men’s judge (Georgia NGJA Secretary)

Sydney Laired

• Category 4 FIG judge
• Founder of the club team at Kennesaw State University
• Board member for the NAIGC
• Coaches at Roswell gymnastics in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tyler Green

• 18 years judging experience
• FIG rated
• MI Judging Director
• Current JONAL on SR
• National & State judge of the year
• Judged Big Ten & NCAA Championships
• Competed JO & College Gymnastics
• 10+ years coaching experience

Andy Brown

• Minnesota gymnast 2000-2004
• Judged 5 JO Nationals
• JONL 2017-2019 Vault
• Judged 2018 NCAAs Rings
• 2018 American Cup auxiliary judge
• 2018 USA Championships aux. judge
• 2019 Ricky Deci Judge
• FIG judge
• NEGJA President

Billy Callahan

• 20 years certified as a judge
• FIG Rated
• IL Judge of the year in 2018
• Recently has judged American Cup, Big 10 championships, NCAA National Championships and JO Nationals
• Owner of Premier Gymnastics West
• Boys team coach for 27 years

Paul Evatt

• 6 time JO Nationals competitor
• Competed gymnastics for University of Nebraska
• 25 years experience Judging, nationally rated
• Four year Georgia NAWGJ board member

Cathy Campfield
Cathy Campfield

• Team Coach 1980-2012
• National Judge 2000-present
• Teaching Degree Bowling Green State University
• Missouri NAWGJ Board Member 2006-2012

Julie Dumbacher

• 26 years of judging, National and Elite Compulsory rated
• 12 year NAWGJ board member
• Co-author of the General Gymnastics HUGS program for athletes with ability
• Certified Team Gymnastics/ General Gymnastics Judge
• Special Olympics Sport Resource Team Member for Artistic Gymnastics

Chris Jackson

•  USAG Trampoline and Tumbling Judge
• 10 years of T&T coaching experience
• 7 years of T&T judging experience
• 3 year NAIGC board member
• NAIGC T&T Rules Coordinator

Caleb Dafilou

• RWS Entertainment Group Acrobat
• 4 Years Collegiate Acrobatics Training
• Gymnastics Background
• Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Performer

Evan Baird


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our participants say:

Had a great time doing routines for the #virtualstars gymnastics meet!  Turns out even after a virtual meet you are sore in real life, #technologyisamazing #naigc

UCSD Gymnastics

Virtual Stars was fun, helpful, and I wish it had been around longer!  The push to film the best possible routine really helped me get competition ready before I would have been, and doing all of those routines really helped me improve.  Getting detailed feedback from the judges was also super useful and ended up with me making some really valuable changes to my routine composition and execution focus!

MIT Gymnastics

I wanted to say on behalf of the Bridgewater State Gymnastics Team that we LOVED this meet!! The judges feedback was SO helpful and thoughtful!! The judges definitely went above and beyond to not only give us useful corrections and critiques, but were also so positive and motivational in their comments, always saying “Great routine” and “Good work”, etc. Thank you to you guys and all the judges for holding such a great competition!!

BSU Gymnastics

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