Matt Summitt Pommel Horse 2022 NAIGC Turkey Tumble

Competition Level: MAG NAIGC Level 9
Difficulty Score: 2.3
Execution Score: 7
Total Score: 9.3
Judge Comment: Well done just a lot of execution for low leg cuts. Few options, if you change your routine to go scissor half travel in (from end to the center) then scissor, false scissor, circle, side travel, flank dismount you'd avoid leg cuts and get half dismount credit. If you stick with your current routine, A, feel free to start by jumping to circles instead of pick up, B, feel free to skip the side loop out of the side travel (more deductions than it's worth), and C, after your scissor half travel if you could do that back leg cut into a loop with 1/4 turn to cross support then flank dismount off that dismount is worth .4! Might get more deductions than it's worth but it's still something to work towards