Amanda Danner Parallel Bars NAIGC Alumni 2022 NAIGC Turkey Tumble

Competition Level: MAG NAIGC Modified NCAA
Difficulty Score: 2.0
Execution Score: 6.3
Total Score: 8.3
Judge Comment: Glad to see you're still at it!! Not bad but few notes: the peach flip is a cool skill but this would not get credit just yet, even if you get credit it's going to be tough to make it worth doing unless you can kip out of it because those back uprises aren't skills in Modified NCAA /: An under bar cast is a potentially easier skill to learn, or maybe even trying peach to support since that's basically just a back hip circle on pbars (yes you can do this skill with no pike)! Modified NCAA is also hard because you don't get credit for any Non FIG A's so my suggested routine would be kip, front uprise, under bar cast, back uprise L, swing handstand, lay out. Last two tips, tuck planches are really valuable for learning swing handstands and getting comfortable with the lean forward that's needed. And then a V hold is an accepted B even in Modified NCAA so that might be an option for you to add too!