2021 NAIGC Gymnastics Jan-boree

  1. Registration: January 1st 2021 is the roster and payment deadline. Download the waiver, fill it out, and return it to Registration will be separate for each individual. In order to compete as a team simply enter the same team name for each individual during website registration. The group will be scored as a team if there are 4 or more people registered at the same level with the same team name.
    1. Individual Fees: $10 per competition entry per event for as many events you want to compete. Decathlon participants will be able to compete in the following 10 events: MAG Floor, WAG Floor, MAG Vault, WAG Vault, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars, Horizontal Bar, Rings, Beam, and Uneven Bars. Tumbling and Trampoline (T&T) participants will be able to compete in Individual Trampoline, Double Mini Trampoline (DMT), Power Tumbling, and Synchronized Trampoline.
    2. Payment can be made by check (contact for the address) or through venmo (get the Venmo app from the App Store or Google Play): .
  2. Website Accounts: Each participant must register below to create a website account. If you have registered in the past please use the same email and password below so you will not have duplicate accounts. If you forgot your password use the forgot password link to reset it. Once payment is received the account will be enabled for this competition and have the ability to submit routines (using the link shown below).
  3. Available Levels: When registering below, the events and levels do not need to be selected. When submitting routines both the event and the level to use for routine requirements will need to be selected. This will enable people to compete different events at different levels. Available Decathlon Levels are specified at Available T&T levels and competition rules are specified at The full list of available levels are:
    1. NCAA
    2. MAG NAIGC Modified NCAA
    3. NAIGC Level 9
    4. WAG NAIGC Level 8
    5. WAG NAIGC Level 7
    6. WAG NAIGC Level 6
    7. NAIGC Developmental
    8. WAG USAG Xcel
    9. High Level Decathlon
    10. Low Level Decathlon
    11. New Flyers
    12. Intermediate Flyers
    13. High Flyers
    Read more about NAIGC MAG and WAG levels at and Links to FIG, USAG, and XCEL rules are on those pages too.
  4. Routine Entries: All routine videos must be uploaded to and made public in order to post on this site. In order to make the videos easily searchable make sure to add the tag #VirtualStarsGymnastics in either the title or description of the youtube post (see for detailed instructions about using hashtags in youtube). The cover photo for the entry will be pulled from the youtube video. Judges have the right to disapprove any entry which is deemed to be invalid or inappropriate (or did not load properly), in which case a message will be sent to the author so they can resubmit. Routines must be submitted during January 2021 and they will be judged by Feb 15th, 2021. Entries will not appear on the site until they have been judged.
  5. Awards: Medals will be mailed to athletes with the top three scores on each event and all around in each division for which there are more than three competitors competing. Please include your address below so the medals will find you. Team winners will receive a digital certificate commemorating their success. Once you receive your awards we would be happy to receive a picture of you with them at

I agree to the terms listed at