Natalie Spears Beam 2021 NAIGC Gymnastics Jan-boree

Competition Level: NAIGC Developmental
Start Value: 8.0
Total Score: 6.6
Judge Comment: This is another routine that would be better suited at Level 6 or maybe even 7. Unfortunately in Developmental and Level 6 No C elements are allowed. This would be your switch leap on beam. Any C is a 2.0 deduction for being too difficult for the level. I think you could get your routines to fit into Level 6 or 7 for NAIGC. The dive cartwheel would work for Level 6 acro and the dive cartwheel, cartwheel connection would work for Level 7. Let me know if you have other questions! I would recommend the NAIGC Quick Guides on the website. Great routine though!