GymACT Live

Stick Contest ASU vs UW 2020

Description: Trampoline Stick contest. First team up to 10 points.
Basic Rule: 3 on 3 ‘dual meet’ stick contest. The contest is divided into two sections.
  1. Difficulty ramp up. This section is made up of 4 rounds. Every team member will attempt to stick elements of their choice, increasing in difficulty each round (from A to D). Skills may be forward or backward acrobatic moves (FX E.G. 2 or 3). After each round, the team with most sticks gets a point. Tied rounds earn points to both teams.
  2. Mano-a-mano (“pig” style). A gymnast from one team will challenge the other team’s gymnasts by performing ANY skill (C or higher value). If the challenger sticks it, the skill must be matched (head to head, alternating teams) until someone misses the landing (kind of like a game of “pig” in basketball). A point is earned to the last team whose gymnast stuck that element. NCAA rules of “stuck landings’ will apply. (aka: feet don’t move, glide heals together for credit)
UW won!