Casey Cassara Still Rings 2020 February Competition

Competition Level: NCAA
Difficulty Score: -1.5
Execution Score: 5.8
Total Score: 4.3
Judge Comment: I ended up having to take a 4.0 ND for not having at least 7 parts. This is why the D score is a negative score. A kip L and a front uprise L have the same ending strength position and both are an EG 3. Because of this they can not both be performed in a routine. This dropped you to 6 skills. Then you did not receive credit for your press HS because there was never a stop in the HS. You would have saved about a 1.5 with a perfect press, but still would have had ND for a short routine. Add a couple different skills and get ride of the kip L as that has more deductions than your front uprise L and routine will jump by 5 points.