Amanda Danner Horizontal Bar 2020 February Competition

Competition Level: High Level Decathlon
Difficulty Score: 1.8
Execution Score: 6
Total Score: 7.8
Judge Comment: Not a bad routine! Still short 2 skills but it's coming along! If you can add a half turn in there you should get credit with a deduction for not to handstand and not over the bar, but still get an A so that will be an additional skill! Probably easiest routine that has 7 skills would be freehip, half turn, kip to front giant, pirouette, back giant layout! At Nationals, be sure to argue that your freehip gets group even though it's at horizontal, you should get an A skill with group but with .5 off for angle. Also argue that since you go kip, change grip and pirouette you should get credit for 2 skills instead of just 1! this can make a huge difference in your start value!