2021 GymACT 3 Skill Challenge Rules

Basic rules and judging criteria: 

2021-2024 FIG code of points for determination of element groups, skill values and deductions.  

Latest NCAA rules (dismount element group value and stick bonus)

Start value calculation:  

An eligible “ROUTINE” is made up of 3 skills (2 skills plus dismount). Exception: vault, of course where gymnasts perform a single “skill.” 

Start Value: 

The start values are determined by a 10.0 execution plus difficulty. Element difficulty (top three skills) and their respective element group values (maximum 1.5). Per NCAA rules, B or C dismounts receive .3 EG value and a .1 stick bonus may be awarded for dismounts valued C or higher. 

Short routine: 

No “short routine” deduction.  It’s THREE skills!!! 😉


Vault start value is 10.0 plus FIG vault table value of skill performed. If 2 vaults are submitted they must be in the same video and only the highest scoring of the 2 vaults will receive a score.

Special requirements: 

No deduction will be taken for missing “special criteria” (i.e.: double back on floor, swing to HS on rings); nor will deductions be taken for not touching all parts of FX or PH. No routine ‘construction’ errors, although empty swings will be deducted accordingly. 


Please use your best gymnastics sense and “good sportsmanship” in setting up equipment “as close as possible” to FIG and NCAA rules/regulations. As such, no equipment deductions will be taken. 

Landing surfaces:

Landings may be ‘soft’, but judges may take landing deductions accordingly.  The use of a 4” mat allowed on floor exercise for all landings. The use of leveled soft landing (resi pit or 8” mat  in foam pit) is also allowed for all dismounts.  Good luck sticking THERE, tho!

Alright. Let’s all use our best ‘gymnastics sense’ and if you have any questions, please contact breeze@gymact.org for rule clarifications. If you’re up to the challenge, register now!


Not required, but recommended to make it easier for the judges to evaluate the routine videos.